Possum Farming in Florida. Possum Farming the Best critter in the world.
Possum  Farming
This site is dedicated to getting the possum out from under the wood shed.

Possum  Farming

Possum Hair Paint Brushes

We use only the most luxuriant hair from our domesticated female possum for artists paint brushes. They are raised in specially constructed air conditioned possum houses. We shear them 2 times a year and only keep the stomach hair. I consider this to be the highest quality fur on the planet.  A domesticated Possum is about 5 times size larger than your common variety possum. Some folks like to have them as house pets. I do not  recommend this because they are hard to house train and in my opinion there is nothing as strange looking as a giant rat looking creature walking around your house with a diaper on.

Possum  Farming

Great news

Bill Bob Jones just purchased Maximo. For you folks out there who are not familiar with Maximo. He is a 3 time champion of the PBA (Possum Breeders Association). He is a world class stud and gets top dollar for his services. I am still talking about Maximo that is.

Possum  Farming

I highly recommend you do not attempt to home sheer a wild possum. The fur is poor quality and not very marketable. A wild possum can be rather mean. Not to mention the meat is a poor quality compared to a domesticated possum.

Possum farming - Best fur in the world.

Possum  Farming

Here is a photo of Miss Betty a 90 lb South Florida Silky. She was a 2 time PBA champion in her Class. It is hard not to admire her luxuriant long silky fur. Photo from the new PBA Champions calendar.

New technology

Jones Farms is working on new almost silent fur sheers. There is nothing worse then waking up a 85 lb possum you are trying to sheer. Playing possum is a great thing. We are hoping to have them on the market in the spring.

Possum  Farming

This bad boy was going after the young ones in the farms nursery. I stopped him and then returned him to a distant lake.

Yes, it is me.

Sad News

Seen below Ericka Goldstein with Angel his prized search and rescue possum. Angels ability to locate victims was world renowned.  Angel was killed by an unfortunate earthquake victim. Fearing they were being attacked by a large rat. The victims dispatched Angel with a large rock.  On the positive side the commotion inside the building assisted the rescuers in locating and saving the victims.

 Marilynn Blond
 Lucille Red
Boogie Black
South Florida Silky
Possum Cutters Convention Florida USA

There is still plenty of available space for seasoned and future cutters. We will be having seminars covering topics like.

Jones newest quiet sheers and prostatic mechanical fingers.

Possum Farming a valuable and renewable national resource.

Possum Farming your gold mine.

Possum the other white meat.

Domesticated Possum are easy to raise and highly profitable.

You don't want miss the fun.

Possum  Farming

It is a little know fact. The federal law of 1942 regarding truth in product advertising originated from the large amount of possum fur used in the production of mink coats. It is no wonder the mink coats produced before 1942 are considered superior to the coats of today.

Possum Camp

Here are two young city lads learning Possum Farming. There is nothing like the joy of learning to work with the freshly sheered Possum hair.  We work with intercity kids who have gotten into a little misunderstanding with their parents. There is nothing like the fresh air of the swamps to help a young person understand the beauty of home and family. Our motto at Possum camp is "There are no bad children. Just those who do not appreciate what they have."

Step up and do your part in stopping world hunger.

How Can Possums Aid in Reducing World Hunger?
One or two large possums can feed a small community suffering from hunger. Purchase and donate a Possum and we will send it to communities throughout the U.S. and abroad. We also send you a photo of the possum who unselfishly gave his/her life to feed an impoverished community.

Visit www.Sendapossum.org
for more information.

Possum  Farming

We need your help.
The truck we have been using to stamp out all the metal bands is running low on metal. The decorative design on the bands used to hold the fur to the Cypress wood handles are world known. No possum fur paint brush would be complete with out the signature laughing Possum emblem. We need a new truck. It needs to have been forged before 1942. The metal has different qualities then metal forged after 1942. I believe it has a lot to do with the radiation in the air from the atomic testing.

The advantages of of possum milk.

High Volume of Production - Possum milk can be produced at three times the rate per animal compared to cows or goats.
Ease of milk collection - Intelligent possums are trained to hook themselves up to and disconnect themselves from the milking machine. As Bill Bob says that's Easy Farming.
No antibiotic  Because of the naturally strong immune systems of the domesticated possum, There is no need to give them antibiotics.
No hormones. They have been bread so large there is no need to make them larger for milking. Not to mention the safety concerns of having a possum grow too large. They can be little a difficult handling.  
Duel use animals. - The domesticated female possum is used in the paint brush hair business. They can easily be used in the milk product lines. Finally the older ones can be used for reducing world hunger program.

Possum  Farming

Possum Milk Ice Cream

New from the research and  development of the Bill Bob Jones Farms. After years of working on a meticulous breeding program. BBJ Farms announced a breakthrough in its possum milk product line. Although many have tried to solve the overly strong musk taste problem inherent in possum milk. Once again BBJ Farms has come up with the solution to problems faced in the Possum industry. Although a tightly held secret, it is rumored that Maximos father Dynamo was involved in the breakthrough. BBJ Farms announced the creation of 5 grades of milk. From high musk taste (For cheeses) to no musk taste (for ice creams and breakfast)

To My Friends

This site is brought to you by me. For when you really need a good laugh.  If you would like to contribute to this site with absolutely no possibility of monetary return. Please send your articles and comments to  house707@gmail.com 


 Nothing on this site is for real. I made it all up in my head. People ask me what I do for a living. I would say "I am a possum farmer and I can prove it. Look at my web site". I enjoy people from PETA giving me a hard time about abusing animals. This site is all for fun and if I have insulted any one with the content of this page. Please do not return to this site again.

Thank You

 Awesome like a Possum Recipes from Possum Farming.

The free-range possum eats mainly a diet of garbage and carrion 䨥 meat however, is quite tasty and versatile and farm raised possum tastes much like chicken. Prepare in the following ways:

Barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saut頩t. There are Possum kebabs, Possum Creole, Possum gumbo-- deep fried, stir fried, lemon Possum, coconut Possum , Possum soup, Possum stew, Possum salad, Possum burger, Possum sandwich.

Served with a nice glass of Pinot Noir or my personal favorite, Rum and possum Juice straight up with a twist makes a meal that will impress any guest! As well, Possums much like Oysters and Truffles, are considered an aphrodisiac.

Not just road kill any more.
Possum  Farming

More Possum Recipes:

Pickled Possum, Poached Possum, Possum Fried Possum, Pineapple Possum, Pepper Possum, Possum Puree, Popcorn Possum, Possum Pasta, Possum Tempura, Potatoes and Possum, Plantation Possum, and my favorite Plantains and Possum.

We would like to congratulate the newest members of the Possum Breeders of America. (Salem, Stew, Jake, Gavin, Talon, Kyle, Juan, and Chase). Thank you for your outstanding work with the possum groups at Possco the mega possum conglomerate.
The PBA thanks you.  

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